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Congrats to our Junior Gold Bombers for making it to the finals!

Raffle Prize Winners!

1. Michael Shea

2. Steve Tansey

3. Drew Glenzel

   4. Sandy DeLmonte

    5. Melissa Johnson

     6. Kerry Klepacz

     7. Ashley Kaczmanik

     8. Aaron Slingerland

     9. Shelia Connally

     10. Natalie Melo

     11. Jenn Kuhn

     12. Heidi Leonard

    13. Paul Braccialarghe

    14. Robb 

     15 Cheryl Gallant

     16. Liam Priest

     17. Julie White

     18. Melissa Weslowski

     19. Robin Feyre

     20. Kristin Brock

     21. Kevin McNair

     22. Michael Connally

     23. Christy Roselli

     24. Samantha Moore

     25. Meg Lavner

     26. Sue Pighetti

     27. Troy St Pierre

    28. Roger Martineau

    29. Gail Cevonayco

    30. Robert Hamel

     31. Samantha Moore



Westfield Youth Lacrosse

Westfield Youth Lacrosse has three purposes:

  • To provide for local youth in the grades of kindergarten through eighth the opportunity to learn and play the game of lacrosse.
  • To develop and foster good sportsmanship and conduct among all participants, coaches, parents and spectators.
  • To encourage parents, relatives, friends, and sponsors to support WYL and its purposes in an active and constructive manner.

Thanks to Kyle Savage on doing the Team LaCroix t-shirts in hopes to help raise more money for a wonderful family that is going through some tough times. If you haven't heard Coach Matt's mom (Diane) has been battling a rare breast cancer that has spread to her brain in the form of two tumors. The kids have rallied behind Diane helping out in every way they can. With surgery in the rear view mirror and the focus being on what's the next step in this long journey, we are looking for ways to help out.

Friends of the family have set up a GoFundMe account and designed t-shirts to help cover medical bills, travel, hotels and any other expense that may come up to help ease their minds while they put their focus on their mother.

The shirts should be in within a couple of weeks and we will have a group of people in charge of setting up ways to get these out to all the supporters. These are 100% polyester sublimated dyed shirts. We are looking at selling these for $25 or two for $40. All proceeds will go to the LaCroix family.

Long Sleeve shirts also available.

Advanced orders taken, please in box me.

Please continue to share the GoFundMe page with family and friends. Every little bit helps! lacroix

To keep up with the LaCroix family, Diane's status or just to check out the cute puppy pictures of Ozzie and Tucker, click the link below.

Thank you,
Team LaCroix

Westfield Youth Lacrosse Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities

Sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods

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Thank you Dick's Sporting Goods in West Springfield for your continued support!

Sponsored by Stop & Shop

Stop & Shop

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What makes them great? Include a sentence or two about the local sponsor here.

Sponsored by Sponsor


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What makes them great? Include a sentence or two about the local sponsor here.