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Westfield River Brewery

Westfield RIver Brewery Event Friday, September 8th

The Registration "Fundraisers/Events" is not currently available.


Thank you to all who bought calendars!  Your support is greatly appreciated!  

The winners have all been contacted. 

May 1-Audra Phaneuf

May 2-Belinda McDonnell

May 3-Shari Jarrell

May 4-Mike Klein

May 5-Rhiannon Thibeault

May 6-Jeannie Goodreau

May 7-Sandra Knowlton

May 8-Kyle Theriault

May 9-Donna Dunne

May 10-Kyle T

May 11-Chuck Stafford

May 12-Kevin Hosmer

May 13-Alison Laboranti

May 14-Beth Talbot

May 15-Andrew Bean

May 16-Theresa Cupak

May 17-Mike Sullivan

May 18-Madison Gallant

May 19-Didi Connally

May 20-Fernanda Moco

May 21-Kevin Hosmer

May 22-Lori LaJoie

May 23-Daniel Diana

May 24-Karen Edelson

May 25-Janina Millet 

May 26-Bob Rueter

May 27-Ashley Sienklewiez

May 28-Paul Braccialarghe

May 29-Carrie Silva

 May 30-Jay Rowbotham

May 31-Erin Panteleakis